• UIU Mobile / Wizer Me

    UIU has created a segmentation platform that delivers smartphone accessibility regardless of age or ability, providing confidence to customers in non-mainstream market segments to embrace today’s technology.

    UIU also provides a rich web services interface that mirrors the smartphone environment, enabling easy end-user tailoring including, via remote assistance, the option of trusted support by friends, family or another helping hand


    From proof of concept to production

    UIU approached Sergata with initial concept of system. Initial process included understanding of existing market, technologies and tools. Then, based on an initial product spec design, Sergata approached Initial POC tackling linkage and control of web configuration of a specific mobile device.

    UIU used POC to approach investors then join JVP venture capital fund.

    In the meantime Sergata took over system architecture directing system to be built with white labeling capabilities, mini “Appstore” like approach.

    End-to-end Platform Development

    Sergata provided end-to-end development of the system harnessing two dedicated teams: Mobile (handling mobile clients development) and Web. After initial stage was launched not long ago, UIU sought to build and expand internal R&D capabilities. Web and server knowledge were transferred to UIU web developers while mobile client development continued in Sergata until recently.