• Tucoola

    Tucoola social game based platform was developed principally to help preschool children improve their basic cognitive skills, language acquisition, and intelligence score.

    Tucoola platform delivers children skills improvement by utilizing an advanced computerized challenging algorithm, automatically modified to the individual child ability. Tucoola also helps parents understand their preschool children’s skills development growth potential, and methods created to assist the children reach their full potential.

From Proof of Concept to Production

Tucoola founders approached Sergata with initial concept of system.

Presenting at TechCrunch, initial phase was to rapidly create a working prototype containing main features and capabilities of the System.

Lean Startup mode

After a successful POC, Tucoola had elected Sergata to run as it’s dedicated R&D house with development running alongside internal business needs.

Based on company stage and need, product was defined and designed. Sergata assisted with iterative development provided full technological support as well as CTO functionalities.

Technologies and platforms

Selected Development Platforms where: Drupal and HTML5