Poker Friends

  • Poker Friends – iOS /Android

    PokerFriends enables creation of private poker tables with friends, family or colleagues and recreates the thrill of poker night on mobile phones.
    This unique Android/iOS poker app allows setting a custom turn time limit in order to control gameplay experience (Fast poker action or- throughout the day play)

    Rapid Execution

    Poker Friends approached Sergata with a 80% built iOS app. Due to the nature of collaborative games the need to build and launch multi-platform apps arose.
    Sergata was required to catch-up with iOS app progress and handle rapid android porting so that the game could be launched at the same.
    A team of 4-6 dedicated Android developers handled porting while additional Sergata iOS developers joined Pokerfriends R&D team to help complete development.
    Poker Friends managed to meet release targets.