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  • Molto (by Perion) iOS- iPad

    Molto by Perio for the iPad redesigns the inbox experience by unifying multiple email accounts, creating a photo inbox and elevating messages so their contents can easily be seen by users at a glance, in an intuitive “magazine-by-touch” format.

    Process and Sergata’s Involvement

    Perion (NASDAQ: PERI) approached Sergata few months into development with urgent need to offload projects and improve time to market.

    Sergata assisted in boosting Incredimail iPad app development time by taking several isolated, pre-defined features outsourced as projects as well as with on-site R&D reinforcement.

    Examples of components

    • Team reinforcement (3-4 iOS developers joining existing team)
    • Isolated features outsourced as projects such as:
    • Compose client (Combining HTML 5 and Javascript with Objective-C)

    Incredimail’s compose feature utilizes HTML 5’s content Editable div for rich text editing. It includes many features present in Apple’s Mail client such as drag and drop bubbles, UI transitions and contact auto-completion.

    The component also allows:

    • Add multiple images and embed them into the message, via a custom UIImagePicker.
    • Insert auto-generated article snippets as you type urls
    • Use templates (downloaded from the server) to create rich and colorful emails.
    • Template selection menu
    • Settings view
    • Side menu



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