MindLab Games


  • MindLab Digital Class

    Mind Lab is an innovative learning program for developing thinking and life skills through thinking games. The teachers of the school deliver the lessons based on tablet games apps.

    Digital Classroom: teacher and students all have tablets which communicate with each other. Teacher has great control over students’ tablets via the software (40 tablet classroom). Project scope includes digitizing the Mind Lab curriculum, content and game portfolio as well as providing digital class environment. Communication protocol allowing tablets to communicate via the router , not using the internet Using Flash player to play PPTX presentations – developing converter

Process and Sergata’s Involvement

Mind Lab approached Sergata at the very initial stages of defining the system. While general scope and needs were known MindLab did not hold any technical knowledge. Initial stage included realizing platform immediate and far future needs, constraints risks and so on. System architecture and technology were selected and created with regards to the above stage.

Mindlab project was divided into three main parts:

  1. Digital Classroom and teaching environment (40  Android based tablet classroom): included development of linkage between tablets, mini applets and modules such as Video, Presentation mode, brainstorming tools and surveys.
  2. LMS (Web): Content management and distribution of material and well as system and user management system
  3. Digital games: including transformation of game portfolio into digital form (including a.i.)

Examples of components

  • Communication layer based on TCP/IP and JSON
  • Teacher client
  • Student client
  • Projector client
  • Unity based games
  • Brainstorming app
  • Polls app