ironSource / MobileCore

mobileCore SDK solution offers a range of non-intrusive ad-types for App monetization.

SDK may be implemented as an alternative or complement to display ads and other networks’ SDKs.

Ad-type options include various offer dialog  like app offerwalls, single app offers and deal offers. mobileCore carries offers that give the user real value, such as other great apps the user will likely install.

mobileCore solution also includes an in-depth install analytic offering insight on users’ preferences regarding the different offers.

Boosting Internal R&D Team

ironSource approached Sergata with a need to with a need to help rapidly expand internal development team.

Sergata provided both Mobile (IOS) and Web (Backbone) developers taking backend and iOS platform development tasks from the internal team, helping ironSource archive time to market deadlines.

Technologies and platforms

Selected Development Platforms where: Backbone and iOS

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