Software Development Disciplines and Process

Foundations of Good Software Development:

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    High regards to Scope and budgetary limitation assures project success.
    We provide detailed effort estimations, High and Low level design (HLD,LLD), Milestones and Gantt – all to grasp the entire picture and development scope.

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    Living in an agile, ever changing world, we are aware of modification and pivoting needs.
    Understanding entrepreneurship and knowing where product begins does not necessarily reflect where development ends is keeping us on the edge of our sit throughout our entire development process.

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    High involvement of all parties in the development process assures project success. With weekly meeting, reports and frequent releases throughout the entire development process, we keep our clients involved and informed. Sharing your vision with our development team will get them involved and devoted.


Our Software Development Methodology and Process:

01. Foundations

  • Goal: To provide a rapid end-to-end development process.
  • Team: Existing base of experienced team players with multiple disciplines and expertise.
  • Work methodology: Agile Programming.
  • Management: Close R&D and project management assures product quality and reliable milestones.
  • Clarity and transparency: High involvement of partner in the development cycle including weekly status meetings and frequent releases.
  • 02. Dedicated team:

      • The Team: The R&D team is based on project requirements and elements such as duration, technologies, complexity, limitations, etc. We endeavor to select the most skilled developers in their field to best match the project.
      • Capacity of work for each developer is optimized to the project’s needs.
  • 03. Multiple Expertise:

    • Every developer on Sergata’s team has gained the relevant experience in developing projects in various platforms and applications.
    • Sergata’s culture supports knowledge sharing between staff members. All team members have access to local Wiki and are encouraged to use collaborative support.
  • 04. Development Procedures

    • The team is managed by a Team Leader assuring  meeting of milestones and deadlines, overall efficiency, productivity and quality of code.
    • High Level Design is provided at the initial stage in every project as well as a detailed Gantt and milestones.
    • High Level Design for system architecture.
    • Low Level Design for complex features, structural or external interface.
    • Source control using Subversion(SVN) and Git.
    • Structured code logging.





  • 05. Methodology and process

    Agile based development methodology.

    • Definition and prioritization of changing tasks (Backlog management).
    • Time boxed development: developing components in fixed times providing functional, QA tested, releases during development.
    • Iterative development cycle for each component: Specification – Component development – Integrations – QA.
    • Partner collaboration: partners and customers are constantly involved and aware of tasks and development; weekly status meetings allow for review and adjustment of goals, requirements, prioritization and eventually the final product. Daily meetings are held prior to each version release.
    • Reports: Weekly progress reports indicating the time invested and the developed components.

06. Confidentiality and IP

  • Working closely with start-ups and entrepreneurs, Sergata’s staff is highly aware of keeping information confidential.