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  • Sergata

    Sergata is a dedicated R&D power house providing software development services for Enterprises, Hi-Tech companies, Startups and Entrepreneurs. Founded in 2006, Sergata’s employees are responsible for the execution and delivery of more than 500 exciting and innovative projects.

  • Working with Startups

    Entrepreneurs approach Sergata at the conceptual stage, and together we conduct an extensive process of specifying requirements and planning the development process, based on definitions of versions and milestones. Sergata’s experience in the field of entrepreneurship gives us invaluable insights into the desired number of components for a new project, a focus on the essentials, an understanding of the need for infrastructure that can be customized to user requirements and the tremendous importance of user interface design.


    Proof of Concept

    As entrepreneurs at the conceptual stage our clients often wish to develop a POC (proof of concept) of their product in order to recruit investments or to make sure that their product is technologically possible. Over the years we developed POC’s that helped our clients to raise all the investments they needed in order to develop the full software or app they imagined at the beginning of the process.

    Lean Startup

    The lean startup philosophy seeks to eliminate wasteful practices and increase value producing practices during the product development phase so that startups can have a better chance of success without requiring large amounts of outside funding, elaborate business plans, or the perfect product. That’s why at Sergata we usually start by developing a “minimum viable product” MVP) – the version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort. The goal of a MVP is to test fundamental business hypotheses and to help entrepreneurs begin the learning process as quickly as possible. In order to do so we make sure that all code that is written is immediately deployed into production.

    Dedicated R&D team

    As a dedicated R&D development center for startups and entrepreneurs, Sergata development methodology was designed to provide a lean, agile and cost & time efficient development environment that is suited to changing needs.
    The R&D team is based on project requirements and elements such as duration, technologies, complexity, limitations, etc. We endeavor to select the most skilled developers in their field to best match the project and the capacity of work for each developer is optimized to the project’s needs.
    Every developer on Sergata’s team has gained the relevant experience in developing projects
    in various platforms and applications and all team members have access to local Wiki and are
    encouraged to use collaborative support.
    The team is managed by a Team Leader and a Project Manager to assure meeting of milestones
    and deadlines, overall efficiency, productivity and quality of code. The Project Manager is
    designated as point of contact and oversees the project’s progress.

    End-to-end Platform Development

    Sergata uses an agile based development methodology:
    ● Definition and prioritization of changing tasks (Backlog management).
    ● Time boxed development: developing components in fixed times providing functional, QA tested, releases during development.
    ● Iterative development cycle for each component: Specification – Component development – Integrations – QA.
    ● Partner collaboration: partners and customers are constantly involved and aware of tasks and development; weekly status meetings allow for review and adjustment of goals, requirements, prioritization and eventually the final product. Daily meetings are held prior to each version release.
    ● Bug tracking system is accessible at all times.
    ● Reports: we provide weekly progress reports indicating the time invested and the developed components.

  • Working with Enterprises

    Startups and Companies meet Sergata when R&D reinforcement is needed. Working closely with leading companies worldwide, Sergata helps fill technological gaps, boost development at critical stages (i.e. before product launch), assist in products customizations or integrations, or, backup temporary employee absence or shortage. Lean, rapid and efficient development process is provided either by the outsourcing of whole projects later to be integrated to the original code, or joining and working closely with development teams on-site.


    Full/Partial Project Outsourcing

    As an innovative software house we always keep on looking for new technologies and platforms. Often our clients wish to use our services for developing internal ventures, modules or full projects. Those projects take place in one of Sergata’s development centres (Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan or Upper Nazareth) and with Sergata’s culture which supports knowledge sharing between staff members – our clients can be sure that their projects will be completed as fast and cost effectively as possible. Lean, rapid and efficient development process is provided either by the outsourcing of whole projects later to be integrated to the original code, or joining and working closely with development teams on-site.

    On-Site reinforcement

    Often does it happened that internal team reinforcement is needed, whether to bridge a technological knowledge gap, to boost development at a critical time point (i.e. before product launch), for existing product’s customization or integration, or, upon temporary employee absence or shortage.
    Startups and Companies meet Sergata when R&D reinforcement is needed. The goal of Sergata’s On-Site R&D reinforcement solution is to provide companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs with a lean, quick and efficient development process that best fit their changing needs.

    Offshoring to Israel

    Israelis developers are well known all over the world for their technological strength and ability. Sergata has many clients overseas who choose to develop in Israel instead of in their local countries. Working closely with leading companies worldwide, Sergata offers a full development project or helps fill technological gaps and boost development at critical stages. To those clients Sergata offers a top notch development in cost effective rates. Our developers, software engineers with technological military experience, make the project happen in the fastest and most innovative way.

    Innovation branch

    Several enterprises chose Sergata to serve as their innovation branch, developing small/medium POC, thus enabling local R&D teams keeping track on product roadmap