Web Development

Sergata specializes in developing top notch dynamic websites and web applications, for hi-tech companies, startups and entrepreneurs. Proven experience in developing large scale projects, supporting millions of users, as well as lean and mean proof of concepts (POC). Technologies: client side and server side projects, open-source technology, work with SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, Drupal, ASP.NET development ( by Sergata.net ) and more.

Mobile Development

Segata’s mobile department works with world leading companies and entrepreneurs to plan and execute their mobile strategy. Our primary focus is building mobile applications on native platforms: Apple iOS (IPhone and iPad), Google Android and Windows Phone, as well as cross platform development solutions such as Unity3D, PlayN and HTML5. Applications vary from standalone apps, deep integration with web servies, systems programming, push notifications, location based services, integration with Facebook applications and more.

Desktop Development

We develop complex Saas (Software as service) and Stand-Alone systems. Our team quickly builds up new projects, and takes over existing running complex products to make them perform in high level and easy to maintain manner. Video and image processing, Saas & cloud systems and communication protocols are some of our main expertise. Technology: Object Oriented (C++, Java) environment, Flash, Flex and more.

Video Technologies

One of Sergata's main areas of expertise is video and image processing. Along the years we’ve taken a major role in many innovative projects:

  • DirectShow (including filter programming)
  • Image Processing
  • Video players
  • OCR on video and images
  • Augmented reality
  • Video over mobile

On-Site R&D reinforcement/ Offshore Outsourcing

The goal of Sergata’s On-Site R&D reinforcement solution is to provide companies and start-ups with a lean, quick and efficient development process that best fits their changing needs. Often does it happen that the core team requires reinforcement, whether to bridge a technological knowledge gap, to boost development at a critical time point (i.e. before product launch), for existing product’s customization or integration, or, upon temporary employee absence or shortage.
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• On-Site R&D reinforcement and in-sourcing solution
• Boost development from day one
• Bridge technological knowledge gaps
• Fill temporary employee absence or shortage
• Achieve costs reduction
• Faster time to market
• Greater ROI
• Budgetary control

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